Maybe Kim products are consciously made to reduce our carbon footprint and support our goals to be a little better everyday.  We stand by our quality and ethical responsibilities. 

Our jewelry packaging and shipping mailers are either reusable or recyclable using eco friendly materials.

We only work with trusted partners who meet our sustainability standards and share our values.

We strictly use Recycled 925 Sterling Silver for every piece which ensures for less waste in landfills and helps slow the consuming of natural resources. The process of silver recycling is dramatically less damaging in terms of CO2 emissions and pollutions as well as expending far less energy. 

We love the earth and we're doing our best to take care of it. 

It's important to note that recycled metals meet the same high quality standards as non recycled metals. No purity is lost therefore the final product is just as pure 925 without sacrificing quality.

As a brand that respects the earth and what it has to offer our values help pave the way to a better planet for future generations to enjoy as well.

By choosing Maybe Kim you are making a conscious effort to respect people and our planet.